Therapeutic Expertise

Experience has been gained with new chemical entities, new biological products, medical devices and licensed pharmaceuticals in various therapeutic areas:

Cardiovascular: Ischemic heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, CAD, acute MI, angina pectoris
CNS: Stroke, dementia, multiple sclerosis, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Infectious diseases: Community and hospital acquired pneumonia, acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, skin and skin structure infections, intra-abdominal infections, urinary tract infections, pediatric indications, sepsis, hepatitis
Oncology: All solid tumors in Phase I setting, ovarian cancer, CRC, NSCLC, RCC, multiple myeloma, CML, HCC, breast cancer, prostate cancer, AML
Rheumatology: Osteoarthritis
Haematology: Hemophilia, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, peri-operative bleeding, deep vein thrombosis, prevention of thromboembolic phenomena
Respiratory: Asthma, COPD
Dermatology: Acne, psoriasis, eczema, different tineas
Metabolic: Type II diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia
Intensive Care: Open heart surgery, septic shock
Gynecology: Pelvic inflammatory disease
Gastroenterology: Inflammatory bowel disease
Endocrinology: Cushing’s disease
Urology: Erectile dysfunction