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due diligence services

We help potential private investors and venture capital funds with due diligence challenges, using the depth of our in-house expertise.

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availability and quality of clinical data

Our team reviews all available clinical data and all related documents to assess the reliability and value of the generated results.


drug safety

Our team reviews all available data to get an overview of the safety and efficacy profile of the study drug and identify whether there are critical safety issues that need to be addressed.


risk and opportunities development

Assessment of the risks and the potential benefit of the drug indication is performed by investigating the current therapy for the targeted disease, the unmet medical need and the market experience.

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clinical study consultation

Our extensive consultation services may include assessment of the reliability and feasibility of the study plan, evaluation of recruitment figures and study timelines as well as overall evaluation of the CRO performance.

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Investment risk and financial assessment

We provide an assessment of all investment risks through the examination of the market environment, company positioning, and the organization’s technology, products, suppliers and key personnel. Assessment of all financial risks and budgeting, is conducted in milestones.

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