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why pharma clinical

Using our accumulated knowledge and capabilities, we offer top quality clinical research services to sponsors, turning their innovation into reality

flexible services
flexible services1.png

flexible services

Pharma Clinical approaches every study with personalized attention and flexibility to align with the goals of our clients. Our flexible packages enable us to adapt to the client's specific needs, providing anything from full service solutions to stand-alone CRO services.

unique financial model1.png

unique financial model

Pharma Clinical offers a unique business model, in which the client can completely plan ahead the study budget and be confident that no major changes are expected.

end to end services.png

end-to-end services

Pharma Clinical provides its clients with all required clinical development services under one umbrella. Having a single point of contact throughout the life of the study, enables the client to accomplish even the most difficult tasks in the shortest possible period of time.

long term mentoring.png

long term mentoring 

Pharma Clinical offers its clients long-term mentoring by developing the in-house clinical core competence of the companies, in addition to being responsible for the success of the current clinical study.

therapeutic expertise

therapeutic expertise

Pharma Clinical has conducted over 300 Phase I-IV and observational clinical studies, in adult/pediatric populations and in a wide range of therapeutic areas, mainly in Cardiovascular and Oncology.


Cardiovascular ((C)HF, VTE (Adult and Pediatric), IHD, HTN)

Oncology, Hemato-oncology (Solid Tumors, Lymphoma)

Hematology (Anticouagulation, Hemophilia, including Pediatrics)

Anti Infectives

Other (Respiratory Diseases, Metabolic Diseases, CNS, Dermatology)

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