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Why Israel?

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As the global demand for clinical research continues to increase, more pharmaceutical companies are looking for new and innovative ways to conduct trials that are both cost-effective and efficient. Israel is a popular destination for clinical research due to its high standard of clinical medicine, well-established regulatory environment, highly skilled workforce, and fast patient recruitment. Pharma Clinical is ideally positioned to leverage these benefits for clients, with our platform of investigators covering a wide range of indications, key opinion leaders on an international level, and a strong medical association linked to global counterparts.

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High Accesibility

Clinical trials conducted in Israel are of the highest quality, with approximately 33 medical centers in Israel, most of which are up to a one-hour drive from the center. All the significant medical centers (26) are university affiliated.
One of the advantages of Israel’s regulatory environment is the direct and informal communication channels with the Ministry of Health. Israel's regulatory environment for clinical trials is well-established and overseen by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The regulatory process is transparent, efficient, and predictable, with a good track record for adhering to international guidelines and standards. 

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Demographic Advantages

Efficient patient recruitment and retention is a key factor in the success of any clinical trial. Israel has a diverse population and a well-organized healthcare system, with full patient coverage by the national social security system. This advantage allows fast and efficient patient recruitment and retention. Israel's genetic diversity presents a unique opportunity for pioneering clinical studies, particularly those revolving around distinct genetic diseases. One illustrative case is myelofibrosis, which has a notably high occurrence amongst Ashkenazi Jews. This specific demographic characteristic allows the prompt assembling of significant patient cohorts for rare and complex indicators. Tapping into such unique gene pools is a hallmark of conducting clinical research in Israel, permitting exploration of novel therapies for distinct genetic disorders.


Global leaders

Technological advancements are another reason why Israel is a great place for clinical research. Israel is known for its innovation and technological advancements in the healthcare sector. In fact, Israel is home to over 1,400 life science companies and more than 40 multinational pharmaceutical companies. This can provide opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to collaborate with local research institutions and access cutting-edge technologies. 
Last, Israel's strategic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa, and its well-connected international airport, make it a gateway to these markets. By conducting clinical trials in Israel, pharmaceutical companies can gain access to a diverse patient population and potentially accelerate the process of bringing their products to market globally.


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In conclusion, Israel is an excellent location for clinical research, with a high standard of clinical medicine, a well-established regulatory environment, and efficient patient recruitment and retention. Pharma Clinical, supported by a platform of investigators and international KOLs, has unique insight and experience with the regulatory and medical landscape in Israel. Our skilled workforce, intimate knowledge of local regulations, along with connections to recognized medical associations and access to cutting-edge technologies, combine to provide swift and comprehensive trial solutions. Leveraging Israel's strategic location and superb connectivity with the rest of the world, Pharma Clinical is uniquely positioned to propel ground-breaking discoveries from Israel's exceptional genetic landscape to global markets. Whether you are a multinational pharmaceutical giant or a niche biotech startup, count on Pharma Clinical to expedite your clinical trials and navigate the promising yet complex world of clinical research in Israel.

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Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.


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