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Planning a clinical trial?

Did you know that on-site monitoring visits are one of the main cost drivers in budgeting of a clinical trial?

An effective on-site monitoring visit is a key factor in maintaining a stable clinical study budget.

Here are 7 actions every monitor should perform prior to the visit to reduce the time on-site and keep you within the budget plan:

Ø Read previous monitoring visit reports and follow-up letters to identify open issues.

Ø Review communication with study management to prepare a list of updates you need to discuss with the site team.

Ø Review study systems to assess the expected work volume during the visit.

Ø Organize all new documents required for the Investigator Site File.

Ø Effectively plan your time at the site by preparing a prioritized list of all planned tasks.

Ø Schedule all required meetings with the site staff in advance (Investigator, Study Coordinator, Pharmacist. etc.).

Ø Send an email to the site informing them about your planned tasks and what exactly is expected from them

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